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Whether you are considering your legal options at the outset of a relationship, before leaving, or after separation, Dunn Right Legal is here to help.

We know that enlisting the help of a lawyer can be overwhelming. We understand that you’re uncertain about the process, unaware of your rights, and unsure of the costs involved.

That’s why we take the time to sit down with you, consider your circumstances and explain the possible pathways to finalising your family law and property matter.

While your separation may seem “simple”, there is no one-size-fits-all approach and family law matters can become complex owing to the application of law to people’s emotions, wants and needs.

Our family lawyers in Wynnum and Manly take a holistic approach and focus on early resolution. The aim is to avoid Family Court proceedings by reaching an agreement and formalising the agreement in the form of Consent Orders or a bonafide Agreement. But we also know that sometimes an agreement isn’t feasible, particularly when the other party just wants to make things as difficult as possible.

If agreeing isn’t an option, we won’t waste time trying to negotiate; we will focus on preparing your case and putting you in the strongest position for contested Court proceedings.

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What is a family law property settlement?

A family law property settlement is different to a divorce: the former refers to the final legal division of assets between two parties, whereas a divorce is the legal end to a marriage. A divorce order has no power to divide assets or create parenting arrangements for children.

Divorce applications are straightforward while family and property law settlements follow a more complex 4-step process, as follows:
1. Identifying and valuing the property of both parties to the relationship;
2. Determining what each party contributed to the relationship;
3. Considering each party’s abilities and needs; and
4. Considering what would be a “just and equitable” property settlement

We find that people’s perceptions of what their needs are and what is just and equitable differ from what a Court may consider as a need or just and equitable. If you want to know whether your views of needs or what is just and equitable align with the Court’s, contact our family lawyers in Manly.

What property is included in family law?

Any property that you or your former partner have an interest in, either together or individually will likely be included.

This includes all assets, liabilities, superannuation, and financial resources, whether held in sole names or joint names. It can extend to property in the name of a corporate entity or trust.

Categories of property can include:

● Real estate
● Funds in bank accounts
● Motor vehicles
● Digital assets
● Investments
● Household contents
● Hobby equipment
● Lottery winnings
● Inheritances
● Employee entitlements
● Assets held by trusts
● Business interests
● Credit cards
● Loans
● Tax liabilities

Our property settlement lawyers can:
● Investigate and identify the total property pool; this may include performing state and government searches, examining bank statements and spendings, and working with accountants, financial advisors, property evaluators, real estate agents and other consultants to ascertain the total property pool
● Advise you on your property settlement entitlements
● Negotiate with your former partner or their lawyers to reach a property settlement agreement
● Suggest alternative ways to pursue your property settlement entitlements like mediation, arbitration, and the last resort – litigation
● Represent you at Mediation or in the Family Court

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Our process

Step 1: Meeting

We meet with you for an initial consultation. This helps us get to know you, obtain a comprehensive overview of your circumstances, and understand your desired outcome.

We will then guide you through #LawLand, explain the legal process, your options, and potential pathways to finalising your matter.

Step 2: Gathering information and planning

Once you’re ready to go ahead, we provide you with a client agreement and a proposed plan of action for your approval.

The client agreement sets out how we will work together and how you will be billed. The plan of action details the information to be gathered, the anticipated pathway for your matter and provides an estimate of costs for each step in the path.

Step 3: Action

You approve the plan of action and we will help you navigate the path to finalisation.

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