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Sh*t happens, and unfortunately, sometimes disputes and conflicts arise.

Then, people start threatening legal action.

When conflict arises, you need experienced legal support to navigate the legal system, exercise your rights and ensure your interests are protected.

Our construction and building dispute lawyers have the experience and knowledge to handle every type of construction claim, from start to finish.

We will work with you to understand the nuances of your case and develop a personalised legal strategy that achieves the best possible outcome. With our help, you can resolve your construction dispute without delay and focus on getting back to the important business of building.

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Dunn right legal Construction Dispute Lawyers in Wynnum

Resolve a dispute before litigation

We believe that legal action should be a last resort for resolving issues.

Additionally, building and construction contracts often identify a process for resolving disputes. This must be followed before any party to the contract can commence legal action.

Some building contracts may also prescribe procedures to handle different aspects of a dispute such as serving the other party with a “Show Cause Notice”.

That doesn’t mean the parties are prevented from getting legal advice or being represented by a lawyers.

Instead, it means that there are certain steps that need to be taken before a person can commence litigation (submit an Application in Court).

Effective dispute resolution often achieves more commercially useful results, preserves business relationships, and maintains confidentiality while delivering prompt relief and outcomes in contrast to resolving disputes by litigating.

Causes of construction disputes

The most common causes of building and construction disputes are delays, defective building work, and non-payment.

Often, multiple parties are involved in the dispute given the range of trades and professional services required in construction.

Dunn Right Legal acts for all parties involved, including:
● Owners
● Contractors
● Professionals
● Suppliers
● Manufacturers
● Engineers
● Surveyors

Additionally, the multiple contracts involved in any single project create the potential for problems to have a domino effect and impact another contract.

When one contractor experiences a problem, it can quickly cause delays for other contractors down the line. As construction projects are typically completed in a linear fashion, with each stage depending on the completion of the previous one.

A simple example of this is where the head contractor fails to obtain a permit necessary to start the project, which then causes a delay in work on the project commencing.

This flow-on effect can also lead to increased costs as contractors are forced to work overtime to catch up.

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What happens during a construction dispute?

We aim to engage with our clients to understand the real cause of the dispute and their desired outcomes.

This helps us to work with the other party to resolve the dispute with a commercial solution, rather than starting with aggressive litigation.

Building and construction disputes usually follow a three-step procedure.

Step 1: Give notice

Firstly, one party gives “notice” to the other, in writing, describing their problem, the issues in dispute, and any particulars.
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Step 2: Negotiations or alternative dispute resolution

Next, either negotiations or an alternative dispute resolution process occur. The parties and their representatives will discuss the problem, issues in dispute, and relevant particulars.

In some cases, the dispute can be resolved wholly and in others, the issues in dispute are reduced while in other circumstances there is no resolution.

Care needs to be taken in negotiating as compliance with the various legislation, rules, standards and codes that govern the building and construction industry is required.

Step 3: Outcome

Lastly, the outcome of any negotiation or dispute resolution process is recorded.

This can be in the form of:

  • A written record that the parties attempted to resolve the dispute but were unsuccessful;
  • a list of the issues that were and weren’t resolved; or
  • a complete agreement detailing the steps the parties need to take to resolve the agreement.

If an agreement cannot be reached or the other party refuses to participate in the dispute resolution process, we will prepare and submit your strongest case to Court.

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