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The construction industry is dynamic and volatile. It’s susceptible to countless influences, from bad weather delays and skill shortages, to compressed profit margins and project funding challenges.

Your building project is vulnerable and can easily become high-risk if not protected. For this reason, we take a proactive approach focusing on proper planning, risk minimisation, and risk management.

Our law firm understands the commercial practical realities of the building and construction industry.

We advise tradespersons, building contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, owners, developers, body corporates, investors, and homeowners on all aspects of construction, from project inception through to completion.

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How can Dunn Right Legal’s construction litigation lawyers support you?

Amid the COVID construction boom and looming construction liquidity crisis, disputes between contractors, builders, and homeowners are becoming more frequent.

Due to the building and construction industry’s nuanced, vulnerable and high-risk nature, disputes occur. They can often be costly and cause further delays to your project. When disputes happen it’s critical to act quickly and get advice from an expert in the field.

Building disputes are often caused by issues relating to:
● Variations
● Payments
● Timelines
● Work quality concerns

Dunn Right Legal helps clients improvise and adapt to overcome the obstacles and chaos that disputes can create.

We do this by taking swift strategic action to protect, defend or enforce your rights. We can assist you in resolving your dispute through a variety of means including through negotiations, dispute resolution processes such as arbitration or litigation.


A project’s performance often rests on the scope and validity of the contract documentation. Having seen the consequences of poorly drafted contracts play out in Court time and time again, Desley is an expert in identifying contract issues before they blow out.

Whether you have concerns about a draft commercial contract or need to invoke a feature of a contract, you should seek legal advice to protect your position.


Whether you’re at the pre-contract stage or have commenced work on a project where a dispute arises, negotiation is a powerful tool.

It can achieve a more commercial outcome, diffuse heated disagreements, limit damages and liability, and avoid litigation.

Dispute Resolution

Litigation can also be avoided through dispute resolution. There are several dispute resolution processes including arbitration and adjudication.

Each should be considered individually and in light of the circumstances specific to the case. Effective dispute resolution can save business relationships and avoid stressful, costly, and lengthy litigation.

Defective Building Work

Defective building work claims are one of the most common causes of litigation. They can have a flow-on effect, causing damage to the project in other areas.

In some cases, home warranty insurance or QBCC might be able to rectify the issue, but in other circumstances you may need to seek assistance from a Tribunal or Court to get the appropriate remedy.

Find out more about legal services for defective building work.

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We meet for a strategy session. This helps us get to know you, take details of the issues, understand your desired outcome and discuss the options for moving forward.

Step 2: Gathering information and preparing your case

It is necessary to compile and gather all relevant information to prepare your case. This could include collating the contract documents, evidence and any correspondence passing between you and the other parties.

Step 3: Action

Lastly, our team will guide you through the legal process. This can include entering into negotiations, alternative dispute resolution processes or litigation.

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Our construction litigation lawyers are experienced in handling all types of construction-related disputes, from contract or payment disputes to quality concerns and construction defects.

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